Road Transport

Given our broad experience in the field, Road transport is what Züst & Bachmeier does best: with our extended network of partners and operators across Europe, we can reach more than 70 hubs and branches, whilst guaranteeing on-time delivery to our clients.

With our variety of transports, that includes semi-truck, b-train, tautliner, tail lift truck, van and others, we can always satisfy our clients’ needs, including intermodal transport.

Available road transport:


This kind of international freight is suitable for who needs to move a limited quantity of goods that don’t need a truck to be transported.
This road transport requires an experienced forwarder able to coordinate different clients’ needs in order to ensure a reliable and punctual service.

Full Truck

As the name suggests, Full Truck implies the full use of a truck to move goods.
This solution is recommended to someone who needs to move a large volume of goods in a short time, quickly and, thanks to the easy management, without incurring high costs.