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Züst & Bachmeier offers a wide range of solutions for international shipments by road, rail, air and sea, guaranteeing an efficient and secure service for all types of goods.

Customs operations and advice, with which we assist customers in the complexities of international regulations, transit and warehousing services for goods, and the possibility of insurance cover through our specialised broker, complete the offer.

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Quality, reliability and EXPERTISE.

Züst & Bachmeier is an excellence in transport and logistics. Our long history and accumulated experience allow us to offer impeccable services, with attention to the smallest details and meeting the highest international standards.

Relying on Züst & Bachmeier means choosing a trusted partner, capable of responding competently and quickly to any logistical challenge.

ISO 9001is the standard certification that attests the company’s commitment to Quality Management, and examines internal processes aimed at customer satisfaction.