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Condition REPORT and viewing ROOMS.

The condition report and viewing room service offered by Züst & Bachmeier is designed to ensure the utmost care and professionalism in the management of art and design works, offering comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of conservation, exhibition and evaluation.

Viewing room

Condition Report: Our experts provide detailed analysis services on the condition of works of art. Through careful evaluation, we are able to identify any need for conservation or restoration work. This process ensures that each piece retains its aesthetic and historical value, protecting our customers’ investment.

Viewing Rooms: We have exclusive and reserved spaces for viewing the works. Our viewing rooms are air-conditioned rooms, designed to provide ideal light and temperature conditions, where collectors, curators and enthusiasts can appreciate the works in an optimal setting. This controlled environment is ideal for private presentations, expert evaluations, or simply admiring art in an intimate and protected setting.

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