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FINE ART and DESIGN transport.

Fine art and design transport is an area of excellence for Züst & Bachmeier. We are one of the founding members of ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Arts Transport).

A prestigious international network that brings together the best specialists in the transport of works of art, confirming our commitment and leadership in the sector on a global level.

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Professional TRANSPORT.

Our history in Fine Arts & Design.

Love of art is in Züst & Bachmeier’s DNA: as early as 1966, our founder, philanthropist and collector Giovanni Züst decided to donate his entire collection to the municipality of Rancate in Canton Ticino. His bequest gave rise to the Pinacoteca Cantonale Giovanni Züst, which is still open today and contains a wealth of works by Ticino artists active from the 18th to the 19th century.

The company’s ongoing commitment to the transportation of works of art has made us forerunners in this field and our membership in ICEFAT, the International Convention and Exhibition of Fine Arts Transporters, the international body that brings together the leading experts in the field, guarantees performance with high quality standards, subject to regular audits.

Our experience and professionalism have enabled us to collaborate with some of the most important museums and galleries.

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Giovanni Züst


Fine art and design transportation requires care and know-how beyond that of normal goods transport. Our fine art team can identify the best method and has the necessary skills and knowledge to transport masterpieces of art and design.

Art and design fairs served by ZÜST & BACHMEIER.

Our experience has allowed us to collaborate with some of the world’s most important museums and galleries.

Züst & Bachmeier is a founding member ICEFAT.

ICEFAT is recognised as the oldest, largest and most selective global network in the field of artwork logistics. Each member is carefully examined and evaluated on its market reputation, corporate history and adherence to best practices.

The organisation is held in high esteem by museums, international cultural institutions and major insurance companies due to its members’ unwavering commitment to the protection of cultural heritage. Aware of the vulnerabilities of works of art during transport, ICEFAT members are committed to maintaining the safest possible conditions for art in transit.

ICEFAT is an international network of experts in the transportation of works of art; Züst & Bachmeier has been a founding member of the association since 1977, which demands high standards of access.