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SEA transport.

Sea transport is ideal for moving large quantities of goods at low cost.

We guarantee full operations to and from Italian and Northern European ports thanks to contracts with all shipping companies that are selected and followed up quickly and efficiently by our sea shipping experts.

Sea transport is a key logistics solution for international trade, especially for the transfer of large quantities of goods over long distances. This type of transport is known for its ability to handle loads of significant size and weight, offering an economical and sustainable mode of shipping.

Among the advantages of sea transport offered by Züst & Bachmeier is its ability to handle high volumes at competitive costs, making it ideal for non-urgent goods that can benefit from longer transport times. Moreover, maritime transport is often the most environmentally friendly option compared to other shipping modes, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of logistics operations.

Due to its versatility and loading capacity, sea transport continues to be a key pillar in the global logistics sector.

Our membership of WCA World, Lognet Global, GLA and MarcoPoloLine Group, four of the largest international qualified freight forwarder networks, guarantees us a timely and reliable service worldwide.

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