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EXCEPTIONAL trasports.

Exceptional transports represent a specialised logistical solution for the movement of bulky or oversized goods, a challenge that Züst & Bachmeier handles with competence and precision.

Trasporti eccezionali

The transport of exceptional goods requires specialised modes due to their size and weight exceeding standard limits.

The main types of transport suitable for these goods include:

    • Road transport with vehicles designed for exceptional loads, such as extendable trailers and modular platforms.
    • Rail transport with special wagons for heavy and bulky goods, ideal for long distances.
    • Sea transport by ships that allow heavy vehicles to be loaded directly on board, suitable for sea transport.
    • Air transport for urgent transports or for goods requiring quick, long-distance delivery.


Our experts study the best solutions for your exceptional transports with precision and efficiency. Attention to the smallest detail and constant assistance is essential in these transports, but above all our great experience guarantees impeccable results.

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