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Art and design installations are crucial to the success of exhibitions and fairs. Our experience with internationally renowned museums and exhibitions plays a key role. This service is dedicated to supporting customers in the design and realisation of exhibition layouts, taking care of every detail to transform a space into an immersive and captivating experience for visitors.

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Thanks to strong partnerships with renowned architectural firms and the support of our specialised staff, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet aesthetic, functional and conservation requirements.

From initial conception to final realisation, our team works in close collaboration with customers to ensure that every aspect of the installation meets the artistic vision and technical requirements.

Our approach is holistic and focuses on creating environments that enhance the works on display while improving the visitor experience. Whether setting up a temporary exhibition or a permanent display, Züst & Bachmeier provides advanced technical expertise and a deep understanding of the cultural sector to realise projects of any size and complexity.

In each installation project, we strive to use high quality materials and innovative techniques to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the installations, always complying with current regulations and best practices in the field of museography.

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