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ROAD transport.

Road transport is the sector where Züst & Bachmeier’s accumulated experience allows us to give our best: thanks to an extensive network of partners and agents in Europe, we are able to reach more than 70 locations and hubs across the continent, to guarantee our customers on-time delivery everywhere.

The wide variety of vehicles at our disposal includes trucks, lorries, maxi-volumes, tautliners, tailgates, vans and dedicated trucks, including intermodal transport.

Züst & Bachmeier offers two types of road transport:

Groupage Truck Transport: this type of international shipment is suitable for those who need to move limited quantities of goods, such that an entire truck is not required. It is a mode of road transport that requires an experienced forwarder, because it is necessary to coordinate the needs of several customers to ensure a reliable and punctual service.

Full Truck Transport: as the name (full truck) explains, the Full Truck option involves the use of an entire truck to move goods on behalf of the customer. It is a solution for those who need to move large volumes in a short time, favouring speed of transport and a reduction in costs due to easier handling.

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