Maritime and Air Transport

Thanks to our extended network of partner in Europe and the rest of the world we have met important goals for our clients, making Maritime and Air transport the pride of Züst & Bachmeier.
Our years of experience allow us to not only offer maritime and air transport, but to also include different services, such as neutralisation of goods, warehouse management, packaging and quality control.

With our WCA, Lognet Global and Freight Lounge Network membership, two of the biggest networks of international qualified forwarders, we guarantee reliable and on-time delivery across the world.

Maritime transport

Maritime transport is ideal to move large quantity of goods without incurring major costs. Our clients can benefit from quick and reliable shipping everywhere in the world. We guarantee full efficiency in Italy and in North European ports thanks to our modern and fast fleet, constantly monitored by our maritime transport experts.

Air Transport

Air transport is a fast shipping method and suitable for long distance. Thanks to our expertise in the field, we can offer daily connection between Milan and Zurich, two of the most important European hubs for goods transportation, to ensure on-time deliveries to our client.